Complete technical papers are required for abstracts submitted to the Geotechnical Themes and for all students applying for the IAH-CNC Tóth Award under Hydrogeological Themes.  Full paper is not required for hydrogeological themes.  Only a final (formatted and corrected) abstract is required by authors in the Hydrogeological Themes. 

Hydrogeological Themes

  • Contaminant Transport & Remediation
  • Groundwater and Climate Change
  • Groundwater – Surface Water Interactions
  • Groundwater Nutrients and Rural Issues
  • Energy Development and Groundwater
  • Metals Geochemistry and/or Mining
  • Fractured and Karst Groundwater Systems
  • Regional Groundwater Resources & Mapping
  • Cold Regions Hydrogeology
  • Tracers and Isotopes
  • Groundwater Modeling
  • Vadose Zone Hydrogeology
  • Hydrogeological Characterization and Hydrogeophysics
  • Deep Groundwater Systems
  • General Hydrogeology
  • Outreach and Education in Hydrogeology